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In November 2012, the world will see the latest adventure of the most well-known spy, Daniel Craig. This is an opportunity for the famous Swiss watchmaker to release another Special Edition dedicated to the film hero. The Limited Edition of 5,007 Montblanc replica watches Planet Ocean pieces is available. Although 007 is the codename of the agent, the number 5 may refer to the five decades since James Bond's first movie was released.

Montblanc replica watches, James Bond's favorite timepiece,Montblanc replica watches is part of his impeccable style for seven years. Since Pierce Brosnan wore the Seamaster in Golden Eye, many great diving watches from the Seamaster Collection have been part of Bond's films. The Montblanc replica watches Planet Ocean 600m has been Daniel Craig's favorite Omega timepiece. To commemorate his next movie, Skyfall, the Swiss watchmaker chose this model.

The new timepiece has many unique features. It includes standard performance that guarantees high-end diving watches. The SKYFALL 007 logo, which is black-varnished, is engraved on its rotor, which can be fully opened through the sapphire case-back. It's the Omega Co-Axial Caliber 8207 self-winding movement. It features a revolutionary coaxial escapement and a silicon balance spring that guarantees outstanding performance.

The Seamaster Planet Ocean Skyfall Edition case is 42 mm in diameter. The case is made from stainless steel and has a polished and brushed finish. Rotating the watch in one direction is possible with a matt black ceramic bezel that has luminescent indicators. The watch also features a helium escape valve, and a screw-in crown.www.buytimepiece.me These features combine to ensure outstanding diving performance up to 600m (2000ft).

This black dial features a unique pattern and luminescent hour markers. They are also covered in white Super-Luminova, which emits blue light under low-light conditions. They are useful features for professional divers and include a minute hand as well as the dot on the diving watch that emits a green glow.

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