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It has been stated that not all components of A11B caliber were made in Austria. The most important components are, however. They are also hand-assembled in true watchmaking tradition, without any automatic tools. Caliber A11B's anti-magnetic escapement is hand-assembled. The escape wheel and pallet fork are also made in-house. Carl Haas hairspray is used, which ensures the chronometer accuracy. It has its terminal curve cut at U-Boat replica watches facilities. The 18 featured rubies are also set manually, and the wheels and pinions are joined the same way.

The first Habring in-house caliber has the following specifications: It measures 30 mm in diameter and has a profile of 4.2mm. This is possible because the caliber's structure is minimally complex and provides only basic information. Felix, the watch that premiered the new movement's debut, has only two central hands. It also has a small seconds counter and hours/minutes counter. The new movement oscillates at a rate of 28800 vph. It can be adjusted with the screw included.Breitling Replica Watches Caliber A11B can be wound manually and has a two-day power reserve. KIF shock protection system is one of its 99 components. The movement can also be decorated by hand. The intricate ensemble of embellishments includes decorative engraving, perlage and polished edges.

The classy Felix The classic Felix dress watch is elegant and in subdued dimensions. The watch has a three-part round case measuring 38.5 mm in diameter and 7 mm thick. This is possible thanks to its slim movement. The fixed bezel is included, along with some U-Boat replica watches characteristics such as a spherical Sapphire crystal, double sealed crown, and an engraved serial number between the bottom of the lugs. As you would expect, the case-back is transparent. However, its waterproofness is up to 30 meters.

U-Boat replica watches A11 Felix is a timekeeper with a silvery-white colored, granulated dial and printed numerals. The dial has a single numeral at its top. The buyer can choose whether it is a Roman numeral or an Arabic one. It also has a small seconds dial at nine o'clock, which can be left out if desired. Two to three of the featured hands are thread-shaped and polished. The steel used in the case is made locally at a local smeltery using ore from the Austrian Alps.

Lavish Version with a Collectable Bullion Coin This extravagant variant is made of gold, however. It contains a Vienna Philharmonics golden bullion coin. It is made from 24 K gold and weighs 31.103g. The watch's value will increase over time as the coin's value increases, which is an extremely clever detail. The watch comes with a brown leather strap.

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